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Title: Ever After
Series: Naruto - NejiTen
Rated: PG
Word Count: 530
Notes: I'm supposed to be in bed resting because I have a cold (due to the constant shifting of the weather here), but I decided to be disobedient and write some NejiTen instead, because... well, I haven't done so in a while, and I believe you guys deserve some. =) I definitely do not own Naruto, and inspiration is from the song Who Wants to Live Forever by Queen. Enjoy!


There’s no time for us, there’s no place for us. What is this thing that builds our dreams yet slips away from us?

He stood at the precipice of the sandy shore, just before the earth dipped lower into deeper seawater. He was metres away from me, but never getting any closer as I ran, feet bare and my loose bun flopping against my shoulder.

My cracking soul and tears ran with me on the decline of the highland, but I, nearly gasping for breath and crying out, slumped on a tree neither above nor below anything. Pressing my cheek against the coarse trunk, I reviewed with renewed silent groans my spirit’s anguish.

Three years shy of a decade ago, we were assigned our first escort mission. It was very small, but a huge leap towards our sunset future, or so it seemed. Now, I don’t even remember the details, where we went, or even whom we escorted.

I only remembered the feeling in my stomach on our way back; light, yet full. I recalled Gai-sensei’s huge grin, and Lee’s fierce determination that had Neji sneering. Lee remarked something to himself, that sent Gai-sensei and I into peals of laughter, but seeing Neji’s half, not unkind, smirk, probed my heartstrings. My team, my team. Forever; we’re meant to have forever.

Then came this early morning, filled with expectancies for tomorrow, and I found Hinata softly crying against the door to an apartment building. It took fifteen minutes to inquire, explain, and hush up with sisterly warmth, but in the end, it was me holding back the lump in my throat, and me who tried to hide the trembling fingers.

There’s no chance for us; it’s all decided for us. This world only has one sweet moment set aside for us.

My fear crushed my feet to the ground, and I could barely move. Despite that, my eyes still washed over him, standing mid-calf in seawater. In the end, it was only my affection that released me.

I halted again, barely a palm’s breadth from his back. He did not move at the sound of my footsteps, for surely, he knew mine better than his own. I’ve left so many of my prints on his heart.

“Tell me it isn’t true.” I did not ask. He did not answer, which inadvertently, was enough reaction for me.

I slid my arms around his ribcage. My chin didn’t reach his shoulder, but the rest of my cheek did, as did my dry lips. I didn’t hear his heartbeat, but I felt it, some distance above my hand. Like my footsteps to him.

“Then can we have forever?” I choked, “Please, if you were to promise me anything, please just let us have forever, I don’t think I can live—”

“We can have forever,” he said in a low voice, underlined with so much more, “Forever is our today.”

And although he didn’t quite look at me, and I wasn’t quite happy, it was all we had left, and for now, that is forever.

Who wants to love forever, when love must die? Who wants to live forever? Forever is our today. Who waits forever anyway?

-- end --

For those who didn't understand (although, it is rather hard to gather all the clues in this one), Neji and Hinata have an arranged marriage. Not a very original idea on my part, but I just wanted to write Tenten's thoughts on it. =) Hope you liked it.

I really, REALLY like writing on the concept of "forever." Despite all that, it's just a word.
I love~~~~ this fic~~~~!
I hope you'll get better soon!
Thank you! I feel a bit better today already. ^^
OO! This was so cute! ^^ Luvs it! I know you feel better now, since it's like what? Three, four, five months later? LOL. ^^ Great jobbies!