Title: Regret
Fandom: Death Note
Notes: Spoilers for 59+.

You lost, L.

The silver teaspoon slipped from the detective's weakening grasp as he spun around to face the man responsible for his death. He reaches out to him and silently mouths desperate words. Then he collapses in the arms of his Killer.

Kira's expression is sadistic, but his leer is hidden to all but L. The Killer had won. But yet, he had miscalculated.

As he watches the wide dark eyes of his ultimate nemesis close for the final time, he realizes, belatedly, that he still did not know his name. Rem and Watari were dead and anyone else who could tell him could not.

For a split second, he considers trading his lifespan for one glimpse with the eyes of the shinnigami. However, it is too late to see L's name.

In his arms, he is holding L, Ryuga, and Ryuuzaki, the detective. He is holding his would-be killer, his rival, his best friend.

For a moment, he was Yagami Raito. Only to be permanently replaced by Kira once more. But his howl of anguished rage is not entirely feigned.


I loved Death Note to death but it made me cry. I can't wait for the movie.