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Title: Daily Occurences
Series: Naruto - NejiTen
Rated: G
Notes: This is for you, endou! :D This is the NejiTen (though it's a bit more Tenten-centric than the actual pairing..) I promised you all that time ago when we first became friends. ♥ Merry Christmas, m'dear, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. :D


There were some days she enjoyed on the beach. It was those days that she had her hair in loose braids, and all that ever mattered was chasing Lee into the embrace of the ocean, and collecting glistening shells by the shore at sunset. Neji went into the water now and then, but only at Lee’s loud insistency. And as she tightened the emerald sarong about her waist, she couldn’t help but let out a burst of blithe giggles. She couldn’t help it all day.

There were many days beyond the beach days, that she flew, way up in the sky, till she felt her very soul come sweeping up above her. There she danced, with the other winged creatures of the air, and Neji paused in his count, wondering what beauties of hers he could number across the sky. Down she came, like a lady dipped, and a lady, up she went again carried by the invisible arms of her wind dancer.

There were days in between, where she did nothing. She neither flew nor danced, neither laughed nor wept. These were the days she spent, looking hazily out her window. So, she thought. She thought back to the days by the sea, whether it was with sunshine and braids, or with thunderclouds and steel. She thought of happiness - what she had grasped of happiness - and decided that she was a blessed girl. Not in the sense that everything came to her, but that she had been given the strength to walk, fly, and dance on the path ahead of her. Then, down that road she knew.

It was everyday she wanted to live like this. Everyday she wanted a burst of sun-driven joy, and everyday she wanted to fly. Everyday she wanted to do her perception of nothingness, and tell herself that, honestly, she’s loved.

And one day, of any day, she’ll realize it had already been every day.
You write very nice drabbles. The imagery was especially nice. I could see the bright, warm, blinding sunshine as it was described.

Or maybe I should just pull my curtains shut.
And maybe I'm a morning, but the NejiTen seems to have gone completely over my head. I don't really understand subtle.
I don't get you. -__-
Wow! This is really well done. You have a really good grasp on who Tenten is, as a character. I'd love to see a sequel from Neji's point of view, or even from Tenten's on how/when she realizes Neji loves her.
Thank you! And that's an interesting idea actually; I'll think about it. =)
*__* I loved this! It was like a huge burst of HAPPY. I love how you managed to say everything without saying much of anything. Lovely drabble~. ^__^
♥ Eee, sankyuuu. I'm glad it made you feel happy. :D:D:D
Eeeeep! ♥
Plus 10!
Your descriptions are written beautifully, along with such vivid color. =D Nice work. Yay! Merry Christmas! TO FRIENDSHIP! >D
YAAY PLUS 10! :D I'm so glad you liked it, and I'm even happier that I made your day better! ^^ *snugs*
Oooh nice imagery.
Thank you!
First Tenten in new shiny colors, and now this. Today just went from crappy to amazing. ♥
You have much writing skills. I loved this~ *_*