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...you ARE allowed to post poems/songs, right?

Title: Jealousy

Why must you hate me?Collapse )
Well, Wendy requested it to be posted, so why not? *shrugs*

Some distant time ago, I knew you.Collapse )
Title: White Memory Enter Snow White
Series: Chrno Crusade - Joshua/Azmaria
Rated: G
Dedication: shia__chan's request
Notes: Doesn't the title remind you of a certain email? white_melody, anyone? XD Anyway, I'm feeling poetic-y today, so this one has an almost poetic feel to it. Must be those sonnets from English class today. Also, Joshua's POV. Enjoy!

in the cold of the white light you seemed to glowCollapse )
This is a "wip"; in other words, an idea, and a work in progress. I came up with this general idea during my history exam back in January (note the reference to "late winter"), when I was staring out the window. This is a serious story, so if you're looking for one of my "Average", "Edited", or "Girl The Female" stories, don't bother clicking. I have a general idea of where this one is going, but am having trouble continuing/editing so some feedback would be appreciated (why else would I have posted?). "Flag In The Wind" is my horrible working title, will hopefully have a better idea if/when it gets finished.

Life is fragile.Collapse )
And yes, I do have permission to post poetry. :P

I remember not so long ago..Collapse )
Rated: G
Series: Witch Hunter Robin
Pairing: Sakaki/Doujima (happy now, whenDee?)
Notes: Gift for univers. Why? 'Cuz I'm too easily manipulated. This was 200 words. >.<
Summary: The STN-J was attacked and Sakaki broke his leg.Collapse )
Title:Lost and Gain
Rated: G
Series: Original
Notes: A cyclic story for the same assignment that Cheli had. But I didn't hand this one in becaue it doesn't exactly fit the requirements.

Sebastian Biggerstaff was the most heartless, miserly and stubborn most that one could ever have the misfortune of meeting.Collapse )
Since everyone is posting here, I think I'll share my stupid short story. I Edited some parts to make it read a little smoother. But I doubt anyone will notice.

Title: Let’s Play Together
Fandom: Original
Rated: PG-15
Words: 2173
Summary: ...the viscous red of her life seeping out rapidly around her head of dull copper hair like a dark mockery of a halo.Collapse )
Title: Untamed
Series: Naruto - NejiTen
Rated: G
Dedication: sahara_storm's request =)
Notes: Okay, so I cheated and it's not exactly 100 words, but hey, I think we all want more words. ;D

she was everything a proper girl shouldn't have beenCollapse )
This one's over half a year old, so my writing style might seem a bit different.

tomorrow doesn't matter..Collapse )